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Step By Step Napkin Folding Instructions From The Waiters’ Digest

Napkin Folding Made Easy

Napkin Folding Made Easy serves several purposes, including the creation of a beautiful table decoration for breakfast, lunch, dinner, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and whatever reason you may have to dine and keep chin, chest and lap clean from drippings and droppings..

On pages 2 through 14 we have an index for over 100 different napkin styles. The pages 14 through 1347 show in detailed pictures (more than 1000) each step to create your choice of napkin fold.

For your enjoyment we have added some Napkin Poetry by the author on pages 1348 through 1363.

The author’s bio is on page 1364.

Whatever you do, have a most beautiful day, every day, no exceptions.

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