Pick from the Salad-Menu below. There is much variety, different mixtures, homegrown, cultivated some place else. Have it leaf by leaf or just toss it together, use your own dressing if you wish. Whatever you do enjoy and try as many varieties as you can handle…

“Speise und Trunk” – “Food and Beverage” – small and big orders alike show up as pictures and text. What you get is the life of a waiter splashed against your monitor, many colors dripping from your printer onto paper…

This is not a dry, humorless, so-called waiter’s manual, no what you have here is priceless. It’s about life, about living and working as a waiter, serving and clearing, getting tipped and stiffed… !

Naturally Salad is not salad. Soup is not soup. Desserts are not desserts… !

NO BANQUET-CONTRACT (guess who loses out?)  …some of the author’s very own bad 
experiences, when important items are 
not put in writing…

ADVENTURERS…, …there is a thrill seeker even in the bluntest 

A WAITER’S TOOLS: Corkscrew, notepad & pen!…, ...the tools of the 

Alcoholism…, ...interviewing a young lady who 
bounced back from the gutters of 
the Big City and below…

A WAITER’S NIGHTMARE…, …“That’s no duck…” he said… 
I saw the bartender reading autographs 
on his baseball bat…

DISCOVERING FAST FOOD…, …the author’s first American style 
fast food order, took a long time…

What are the rules 
for serving and clearing 
plates and glasses?

TODAY’S PLATE SERVICE…, …a quick look at trenchers, 
the introduction of Chinaware 
and today’s kitchen plated food

FRENCH-, RUSSIAN- & BRITISH SERVICE..., …detailed descriptions of the styles 
which were once known as French- 
or Russian- or British- Service

SILVER PLATTERS & RECHAUDS…, …the way how it used to be in fine dining, 
which nowadays is seldom available 
not even in so-called first class 

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by helmut schonwalder