…(fiction) written by helmut s. the son of Expellees from the Sudetenland…


…is about the heir of two people who under “normal” circumstances would never have met.

Their story is one like so many others, who still today worldwide are being expelled from their homes. In all cases hardships are involved. And still too often atrocities, including rape, by those in power have to be endured by the expellees.

Erika and Waldemar were expelled from their home and lands in Sudetenland. Both were coming from different worlds, she was used to living from the land as a farmer, he was a town person. Yet after they met by chance, an offspring, Joseph was born.



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As many of us have experienced, after being uprooted, and being moved into a new neighborhood, those already living there may greet us with mistrust.

Waldemar and his wife started a new life in a new land, between people who looked at them as being different.

The couple’s son, Joseph was learning to cope with life, whereby his parents did their very best, to provide food, shelter, guidance and education.

In young age, having reached a point of thinking we know it all, we don’t need parents, and we know that we are smarter than them anyhow, we may insist on moving out.

Joseph was growing up fast, and as he reached age 13, he was ready to work, to find a place to get fed, and to have a place to sleep.

The idea of being a steward on an Ocean Cruise Ship was appealing, yet he was to young for it. Being told about available openings in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry, in the form of apprenticeships, Joseph knew that he wanted to learn such a trade.

And after one failed attempt he was accepted as an apprentice far away from his parents’ home, as far as he could possible get.

His first apprentice ship was as a waiter in a 1000-year-old building, living in the attic

And he learned to be a waiter, a cook, and a hotel manager in three apprenticeships, one following the other.

Living in the restaurant’s attic, Joseph integrated into the world as the world was presented to him. Watching his surrounding, sex and alcohol appeared to be the highest reward worth looking forward too at the end of the day.

Joseph spent 7 years in his new home, the room in the attic. He didn’t know how to live, aside from what he saw others around him doing.

Self supervised, he was learning from co-workers who had become part of his attic-life for a shorter or longer time.

Joseph was an above average student according to his hotel schoolteachers.

He was eager to learn all about food and beverage and bookkeeping, and managing enterprises.

From the clientele at his workplace he had learned that in order to be someone you had to have money, and the most important part of fun-times was getting drunk and having sex.

By age 21, Joseph because of his skills and education, managed several enterprises for his employer. He enslaved himself by seeing in his boss, the ultimate power. Joseph was trying to live up to his boss’s expectations.

And like it happens to many of us, we live in the illusion that jobs last forever, or until we decide to move on. Finding out that’s it’s not true hurts not only the pocketbook.

Joseph’s world crumbled, as he lost the job he thought was going to be forever-ever. In his mind this was his life and destiny. And he whom he had trusted most, the one he had looked up to, his boss let him down.

So as we all do, sooner or later we go on a job search. Yet the higher our expectations are set the more difficult it gets to find a matching position.

In search for the right job, he traveled continents. And in his travels he met and experienced folks, the son of two expellees from the Sudetenland, normally would never have seen.

And Joseph again travelled as far as he possible could. South to the tip of Africa he went.

And he used the tools and character traits he had learned while living in the attic. On the one side he was the most perfect dressed, well-mannered, experienced waiter, cook and manager.

On the other side he was careless and inconsiderate, a maniac at times, while having after a few drinks, what he called a buzz going.

Because of knowing how bad it feels to lose a job, he did his best to work at several assignments, so if one failed he still had some income.

The God’s of Fortune redirected his course, and he traveled as far west as he possible could. He was looking to make California his home.

And he was using his skills and willingness to learn and to do what is needed for his employers.

And again he was willing to do anything as asked to do by his employer.

Using his learned skills, as well as using all opportunities offered, Joseph became an entrepreneur.

And Joseph reached his goals, and than destroyed all he had build up in seconds, by being the guilty party involved in a major accident.

Spiraling down to the gutter, and climbing up Joseph was, only to fail, and to hit bottom again.

Like many of us we don’t realize the insanity of doing the same over while expecting a different outcome.

At some time, when Joseph listened and comprehended the story of a young lady, and how she was able to get her life back in order, he realized that he as well can do so.

Joseph learned about the real values in life, late in life, namely that wealth and power is less important, than health and peace within.

What he had never learned before was how to love himself, and to nourish this love.

Many of us use whatever makes us feel good to be happy and to enjoy life. Often we are not free, because by choice we use money, alcohol, drugs or sex to simulate the feeling of being happy.

For Joseph it was a matter of applying some simple principles, the ones he had finally learned, those he had overlooked while chasing money and women. The result was a happy, free life style.

Joseph’s life was getting worth living and he started to enjoy each present day, each present as presented, and all those gifts.

Feeling at home within his body, as inherited from Erika and Waldemar, was a step in the right direction.

For him, the feeling complete without drugs and alcohol, the loving himself including all the feelings was the answer.

And now he did enjoy his imperfections, those that made him so special, so unique in the first place.

Finally Joseph was appreciating the inheritance from Waldemar and Erika, he was loving his body the one they had provided for him.

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About the author:


helmut s. has spent 37 years in the hospitality industry on three continents: Europe, Africa and America.



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He has used his knowledge and experience and hopes as well as some parts of his daily diaries to create several works of fiction.


by helmut schonwalder