1 Jigger Tequilla

1 Jigger Cointreau

1 Jigger Lemon Juice

Add shaved Ice. Shake well. Serve in salt rimmed champagne glass

Martini Cocktail – Martini

Make sure you ask your guest if he wants a Vodka Martini or a Gin Martini!

1 1/2 oz Vodka or Gin
dash of dry Vermouth, shake or stir, strain and serve in a martini glass garnish with an olive.

BTW prior to Smirnoff´s involvement with the James Bond Movies nearly all Martinis were Gin Martinis and stirred.

Martini On The Rocks

Pack old fashioned glass with chipped ice.

Fill with dry Gin,

1/4 Jigger Dry Vermouth

Stir and serve with lemon twist

Milk Punch

Combine in shaker, cracked ice and

2 Jiggers (your choice liqueur)

1 cup of Milk

Shake well, strain.

Serve with a sprinkle of nutmeg

Millionaire #1

2/3 Dry Gin

1/3 Pernod

1 Egg white

1 dash Annisette

Shake well with ice and strain into glass

by helmut schonwalder