Millionaire #2

1/3 each Jamaica Rum, Apricot Brandy and Slow Gin

1 dash Grenadine

juice of 1 Lime

Shake with ice and strain into glass

New Orleans Fizz

2 Jiggers Dry Gin

1 Egg white

1 tablespoon Sugar

1 tablespoon Creme

juice of 1/2 Lemon

1 dash Orange Flower Water.

Shake well with ice. Fill up with Soda

Old Fashioned 2

1 cube of Sugar

1 dash of Angustora Bitters

2 Jiggers of Whiskey

Add ice cubes and lemon twist.

Fill with water or soda, garnish with fruit.

Orange Blossom

3 Jiggers of Dry Gin

1 Jigger Orange Juice

1/4 teaspoon Powdered Sugar

Stir well with cracked ice and strain into glass


1/3 Dry Gin

1/3 Dry Vermouth

1/3 Sweet Vermouth

Stir well with ice and strain into glass

by helmut schonwalder