The American Innkeeper

The American Innkeeper

The American innkeeper did away with the old ideas, the ones which had ruled Europe. Title and background were less important than the ability to produce and pay for goods or services received. The capitalistic system was born out of the freedom, that who wants to work can get rich, and who is rich may enjoy all the benefits of being rich.

In America everybody from the start was allowed worldly luxuries, one didn’t have to be a noble man. Nevertheless it was a better life if one was male and of  white race.

The American innkeeper provided every luxury available to any one who could pay the price. And as the demand for inns grew, homes changed into inns and additional rooms were added. 

Americans have traveled all the time and sooner or later they had to have a good meal, a hot bath and a night in a bed. This typical American habit hasn’t changed much and still now it keeps the hotel rooms filled.  

American innkeepers were offering affordable room-rates and with this came that a good number of people decided to live permanently in inns or hotels. 

From the start, many new ideas were introduced in America by the settlers. True the American innkeeper had less restrictions than his European counterpart. Yet the innovative and creative ideas of the pioneer spirit have led to what is now known as American style all over the world. 

With this I may as well credit the influx of a great variety of free people and free ideas with the actual creation of the modern day hospitality industry and the modern American innkeeper.

by helmut schonwalder