The Palace in San Francisco

1830 to 1875 The Palace in SF

Between 1830 and 1875 many great hotels had been built not only on the American East Coast. To name just a few; Chicago had the Grand Pacific, The Palmer House and The Sherman House. St Louis had The Planters and Omaha had the Paxton.

Out West, during the gold rush days, in San Francisco The Palace was built at a price of an incredible 5 million dollars as one of the most ornate and expensive hotels of its days. The Palace opened in 1875, had 800 rooms and covered 2.5 acres in the heart of the City.

With the building of fancier and more and more expensive hotels the prices for rooms went up too. Lodging which once was affordable for every one now divided guests into classes; the rich people’s hotels and regular lodging.

by helmut schonwalder