Statler 1908

Statler 1908

The father of the modern commercial hotel is said to have been E. Statler. 


The Buffalo Statler opened January 1908. Statler incorporated all the modern ideas of the time into this hotel. Many services which are taken for granted nowadays were first introduced at the Statler. There were keyholes above the doorknob, light-switches next to the door, private baths, icewater, as well as a morning news paper for each guest. 

The Statler set standards for cleanliness, guest comfort and affordability. For many years to come, hotels were built to specifications matching the standards of the Statler. 

In the roaring twenties a hotel building boom tried to keep up with the growing demand. During these years many of the great name hotels were built such as the Waldorf Astoria,  New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania and the Stevens in Chicago which is now the Chicago Hilton and Towers

by helmut schonwalder