Resorts 1766 to the 1900s

Resorts 1766 to 1900

Spas for the Roman upper class and summer mansions were part of the luxuries for the noble born back in old Europe since ancient times.

Following the example of the aristocrats of the Old World the American innkeepers catered to the demand of the traveling public. 

The American South developed Luxury Resort such included the Homestead at Hot Springs 1766 in Virginia and The Greenbrier at White Sulphur Springs in West Virginia 1780.

After the Civil War many more summer and winter resorts sprung up. Much of this seasonal business eventually turned into year round resort business. 

The building of the railroad created instantly new resorts along its track. Carmel in California was once a cluster of cabins a week-end-getaway for city people, just past the end of the track. The Del Monte Hotel in Monterey was the end of the rail road track coming south from San Francisco, and it depended on the visitors arriving by train. Back then Pebble Beach could be visited by coach from the Del Monte Hotel 1880 and the trip to and from was 17 miles. 

The Grand Hotel on Michigan’s Mackinac Island 1887 was once just a summer resort.

by helmut schonwalder