Motels 1910 – 1950

With the arrival of the automobile roadside cabins changed into motels. The early motels were family run, often mom and pop roadside places with a handful of cabin-like-rooms.

By the 1950s the sizes and operations changed, more cars more traffic, more travelers demanded more service, bigger rooms and comfort.

Motels offered what the traveling public wanted. Clean rooms, parking next to it. Conveniently located for the family on vacation, ideal for the traveling salesman to get a good night’s rest without leaving the major roads, as well as the lovers in need of a discrete meeting place.

Soon added to the definition motor court and motel was the new word motor hotel which some people say was nothing but a hotel built around or above parking spaces.

From 1939  to 1960 over 35,000 motels were built in the U.S.

by helmut schonwalder