Hotel Classifications

Hotel classifications

American hotel classifications 

Commercial Hotels cater mainly to business clients and usually offers room service, coffee-shop, dining room, cocktail lounge, laundry and valet service as well as access to computers and fax services.

Airport Hotels are located near airports and are a conveniently located to provide any level of service from just a clean room, to room service, they provide bus or limousine service to the air lines. 

Conference Centers are designed to specifically provide meeting space for groups, they provide all services and equipment necessary to handle conventions. 

Economy Hotels provide a limited service, are known for clean rooms at low prices meeting just the basic needs of travelers.

Suite or All-Suite Hotels are hotels which offer spacious layout and design. Business people like the setting, which provides space to work and entertain separate from the bedroom. 

Residential Hotels seam to be in the decline. They used to be very popular. The typical residential hotel offers long term accommodations.

Casino Hotels are often quite luxurious. Their main purpose is in support of the gambling operation. Casino Hotels often offer top name entertainment and excellent restaurants.

Resort Hotels is the planned destination of guests, usually vacationers. This is because resorts are located at the ocean or in the mountains away from inner cities. Resort hotels may offer any form of entertainment to keep their guest happy and busy.

by helmut schonwalder