Use of Technology

Use of technology in 2000 

Technology has caught up with every business. 

Hotels use computerized reservation systems. Franchise hotels may use the Franchisor’s reservation system. Many big hotels are using multiple sources for reservations and databanks to keep track of who made a reservation for when.

Sizeable properties would need an incredible number of people to keep track of reservations without today’s computing power. 


NewYork-NewYork in Las Vegas,

Bellagio in Las Vegas,

Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas,

For the big hotels it would be impossible to operate without computerized guest accounting and more and more smaller hotels find the convenience of computer systems very helpful.

Computerized accounting systems have been around for a while, payroll nowadays even in smaller hotels seldom done by hand.

The bigger hotels which need to control heat and airconditioning use computerized energy management systems

Automated check out has become the norm for many hotels

Electronic key cards have replaced the regular door keys in an attempt to provide better security for hotel guests and their belongings.

Very few shops, bars, restaurants are operated without a point of sale terminal. Such too has become very common and the actual investment often pays off within a relatively short time due to better cost and inventory controls.

by helmut schonwalder