What hasn’t changed over time…?

What hasn’t changed over time?

People used to say “The only three business which will never go out of style over the centuries are…”

“….food (people have to eat!)” 

“…lodging (people want a safe place to sleep!)

“…beverage (people like their beverages!)” 

The hospitality business used to be a life time working place, you trained in it and you stayed in it. 

We all know travel and tourism are growing quickly. The fact that many people have more free time is part of it. The other reason is that most people see in travel a most attractive activity.

People have always needed food, lodging and beverages. What has changed since ancient times is that with the higher spendable income people want their dream vacations to be dream vacations.

Advertisement is promising so much and often it’s hard for the properties to live up to the pretty pictures which hooked and reeled the visitor aboard a certain hotel.

The danger of making the dream vacation into the visitors greatest nightmare has never been bigger. Much of the good impressions left on the visitor depends on the individual hotel employee. 

However concerns about corporate profit and overly tight run departments often create unnecessary stress on their key employees. And as a result a steady stream of good people leaves the hospitality world only to be replaced by lesser trained new faces.

by helmut schonwalder