Working in Hospitality

Want to be in hospitality?

Let’s look at hospitality industry as a career. 

The product sold by the multi-billion-dollar hospitality industry is service.

The main tool to achieve such always was and still is the human factor. 

Careers in the hospitality field one way or the other do require an understanding of direct contact with the guest.

The accounting and the back of the house department will see less of a contact to guests than the frontdesk or sales, however in order for a hospitality business to run smooth all involved have to understand the importance of a good guest relations policy.      

Hospitality is a truly international field of work.


Once upon a time the whip and the voice of the owner was the law for hotels and inns. In modern times corporations use a different approach to motivate their workers…  

…called “Training…” 

…which is necessary to keep up with the constant changes in policies and standards…

Good run hotel properties take pride in their employees. On going training as shown below is part of the success… 

Train all New Employees


Retrain Experienced Employees




Create training plan from the job list


Identify training needs




Develop lesson plans from job breakdowns


Develop lesson plans from job breakdowns




Train according to required standards


Train according to performance requirements





Evaluate performance according to the company standards and do more training as needed…



by helmut schonwalder