Typical Jobs in Hospitality

Typical jobs in the hospitality industry

Typical jobs in the hospitality industry may include…

Entry level Skilled level Managerial Level 
Front Office Front Office Front Office
Bellperson Bell captain Front office manager
Telephone operator Telephone operator  
Porter Front desk agent  
  Reservations agent  
Housekeeping Housekeeping Housekeeping
Maid Assistant housekeeper House keeper
Supply person Floor supervisor  
Food Food Food
Prep person Baker Executive chef
Kitchen helper Garde manger  
Dishwasher Saucier  
  Fry cook  
  Roast cook  
  Vegetable cook  
  Breakfast cook  
Engineering Engineering Engineering
Maintenance person Plumber Chief engineer
Painter-helper Electrician  
Electricians-helper Carpenter  
Marketing Marketing Marketing
Clerk Sales rep Sales manager
    Convention manager
Clerical Clerical Clerical
Typist Secretary  
File clerk    
Food & Beverage Food & Beverage Food & Beverage
Busperson Food server F & B manager
Barback Beverage server Catering manager
Counter server Host/ hostess Banquet manager
Runner Captain  
Food Service Office Food Service Office Food Service Office
File Clerk Accountant Food production manager
Accounting Accounting Accounting
File clerk Bookkeeper Auditor
Security Security Security
Security guard trainee Security guard Head of security
Human Resources Human Resources Human Resources
Clerk Secretary Human resources manager 
    Resident manager
    Night manager
    Credit manager
    Purchasing director
    General Manager
    Regional director
    Vice president


by helmut schonwalder