Early Production Kitchens

Early production kitchens

It is understandable that tribes, way back 10000s of years, cooked meals for the whole group at one fire and ate together. Most likely some members of the group cooked the food and some members  served it.

There seam to have been always those who prepared and served food and the others which were waited on.

A variety of production kitchens were available to the Romans. Not only did the the roman soldiers get food from a centralized kitchen but large towns such as Rom had areas where food was prepared for eating on the premises or take out. 

From Roman days we know that the parts of town providing the services which bring intense physical satisfaction, such as eating, drinking and sex, were controlled predominantly by those of servile origin.

Brothels were hidden away on the narrow back streets. The public baths with entrances on the main street as expected from an important public building, had back doors to provide easy access to brothel areas.

You may get an idea about eating in Roman days from Acroama. 

by helmut schonwalder