Shops selling wine and fermented drinks are known to have existed in 4000 B.C. they were called Cabarets.

In the Hebrew language cabar has the meaning of to assemble. 

Cabarets have existed in many forms. In the thirteenth¬† century Paris wine merchants sold wines to the public from Cabarets, however wine was not consumed there. The taverns were the place to have a drink and something to eat.¬† “In the centuries which followed, little by little, the cabarets started to be identified with taverns until the two words become synonymous.” Says Larousse Gastronomique about the evolution of Cabarets in France.

Today we experience around the world Cabarets as taverns or clubs with entertainment where drinks can be bought and consumed.

Not long ago we could find Cigar and Cigarette vendors in all better Clubs and Cabarets.

There are also the classy French cabaret settings, where while watching some staged action, one may wine and dine from the finest at comparable prices.

In some areas, the word Cabaret hints adult entertainment, but again it’s usually just a stage-show and drinks.

by helmut schonwalder