Speciality Restaurants

Specialty restaurants

Today specialty restaurants and coffee-shops are thriving not only within the hotels.

The coffee shop, coffee house allows for some thing to eat at a low price in a casual atmosphere.

The specialty restaurants draw guest by offering a new, different dining experience. The attraction is the less common food compared to every other restaurant in the neighborhood.

Specialty restaurants in hotels often attract the much needed local clientele in addition to the in house guest. You may ask why do hotels need restaurant guest from outside the hotel? Such is based on the following analysis:

Most hotel guest eat breakfast at their hotel, some eat lunch at their hotel, very few eat dinner at the hotel where they are staying.

Let us not forget that it is very difficult to make a profit on food alone. That’s true for specialty restaurants as well as other restaurants. Therefore it is no surprise that restaurant owners often stay away from getting an expensive famous chef.  Instead restaurant owners look for a good concept, reliable kitchen and dining room operators, and a good crew to run their facility as tight as possible.

by helmut schonwalder